Advance IZT2S32SC Dimming Ballast

Code: 913710213802

IZT-2S32-SC Advance Mark 7 Electronic Dimming Ballast

Spec Sheet: IZT-2S32-SC sPEC

The Mark 7 0-10V series of controllable electronic ballasts are ideal for energy management systems in a broad range of commercial, institutional, and retail applications. They offerfull-range continuous dimming and help support sustainable (green) design.


  • Direct operation from a 0-10V control signal
  • Provides Independent Lamp Operation (ILO) allowing remaining lamp(s) to maintain full light output when oneor more lamps fail
  • Lamp Current Crest Factor of 1.7
  • Programmed start
  • Minimum ballast factor of 1.00 (1-3 lamp models) or 0.88 (4-lamp models with 1.18 for HL versions) at maximum lightoutput and 0.03 at minimum light output for primary lamp



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4 in stock


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