Fulham WH33-120-L

Code: WH33120L

Fulham Workhorse 33 WH33-120-L

120 Volt – Electronic Ballast – Instant Start – 0.87 Ballast Factor

Spec sheet: WH33-120-L

Work Horse Fluorescent Electronic Ballasts offer solid-state electronic circuitry with a high power factor. Work Horse instant start ballasts have a small case size and are lightweight, versatile and energy saving. These ballasts meet ANSI C82.11-1993 code requirements and are UL & cUL listed Type 1 or Type 2 outdoor. Work Horse has a minimum operating temperature of -20° F (-30° C) and a maximum case temperature 158° (70° C). The Work Horse family of ballasts provides outstanding lamp flexibility and versatility and is ideal for electrical contractors who want to improve the likelihood of having the right ballast on their service truck when they need it.



45 in stock (can be backordered)

45 in stock (can be backordered)


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