Grower’s Choice TSL-800 LED Grow Light

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Growers Choice TSL800W LED Grow Light

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Introducing the TSL-800 Grower’s Choice direct 1:1 replacement for traditional 1000w HPS fixtures. Featuring our new patented passive thermal management design upping cooling capabilities by up to 40%. Utilizing our patented diode deployment allows us to achieve the desired angles of light distribution and an upgraded PAR output resulting in up to a 30% increase using our new GC 3KF bloom spectrum. Compatible with the Growers Choice Master Controller or CPS (Central Power Solution) this revolutionary new LED fixture can be operated by almost any level grower and is scalable for all cultivations, with the greatest yield potential in the industry.



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Grower’s Choice started as a collaboration of experienced lighting and horticultural experts operating out of Southern California. As both Manufacturer & Distributor, we only distribute our products through our reliable and respected Authorized Grower’s Choice Partners. We always endeavor to provide the indoor growing industry with a premier lighting solution that encompasses our fundamental tenets of Quality, Reliability, Performance, and Value. At Grower’s Choice, our company’s mission has always been to provide the best customer service experience and the most innovative products and up-and-coming technologies, leading to more efficient and effective cultivation practices and solutions. Whether it is the needs of a hobbyist, commercial applications, or specialty crop cultivators. Grower’s Choice understands and is devoted to providing solutions for our customers’ dynamic, growing conditions, and we will continue striving to be at the forefront of innovation. We have the commitment, experience, and lighting expertise that will allow us to trailblaze & grow the industry to the next level.