Keystone KTLD-45-uv-PS850-54-VDIM-LM1 Power Select


Keystone KTLD-45-UV-PS850-54-VDIM-LM1 – Constant Current LED Driver

Power Select Output Current 700mA, 750mA, 800mA, 850mA

spec sheet: KTLD-45-UV-PS850-54-VDIM-LM1 spec

The Keystone KTLD-45-UV-PS850-54-VDIM-LM1 is a 45 Watt 700mA|750mA|800mA|850mA 30-54 Vdc Class 2 Constant Current LED Diver 120-277V with 0-10V Dimming. This KTLD-45-UV-PS850-54-VDIM-LM1 LED Power Supply has over voltage and current protection, Hiccup mode, protection will trigger when load voltage and current exceeds specified output voltage or current and will auto recover after the fault mode is removed.



17 in stock

17 in stock


Benefits of Power Select adjustable LED drivers

  • Adjusts in the field with a simple slide switch
  • Accommodates a variety of applications with multiple form factors
  • Low optical flicker

Product Features

  • 4 selectable output currents via slide switch
  • Dimmable with 0-10V dimmer
  • UL Listed; Class P
  • Meets FCC Part 15 (Class B) consumer limits
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Includes optional protection sticker to keep switch in place in the field


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