Summit Lighting CMH150 Grow Light with 4000K lamp 240V

Code: SUM150H-4K-240


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The SUM150H produces a full spectrum light with four different kelvin temperature lamps to choose from.  Our CMH150 medium base lamp is available in 3K, 4K 64K and 10K.  The SUM150H was designed to give growers the opportunity to create a CMH lighting environment for their plants from seed to harvest.  These fixtures were created to replace T5 lamp fixtures at about half the wattage while supplying the plants with a much broader spectrum closer to that of natural light.

Spec sheet: SP 150W 4K Lamp spec

– Ballast 120-240 volt (5 year warranty)
– Lamp 150 watt CMH open rated med base
– SUM150H is UL rated for greenhouse use
– Jumper cords available that allow daisy chain of up to 3 fixtures
– Lumen depreciation of less than 10% in first year
– Suggest lamp change at 18-24 months

Ballast, hood, lamp, power cord, hooks included



230 in stock

230 in stock

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 35 cm


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