Summit Lighting CMH315 Grow Light with 4200K Lamp 240V

Code: SUM315H-4K


Summit Lighting Website:  Summit Lighting

The SUM315H produces a full spectrum light that increases terpene and trichome production in plants along with an increase in the vegetation cycle by 20+%. The white open hood design provides an even 4’x 4′ distribution over the canopy.

Spec Sheet: 315W 4200K Lamp Spec2

– Ballast (5 year warranty)
– Lamp SunPulse CMH315 horticulture w/less UV block 3K, 4K, or 10K
– Low frequency square wave technology
– SUM315H is UL rated for greenhouse use
– Jumper cords available that allow daisy chain of up to 3 fixtures
– Lumen depreciation of less than 10% in first year
– Suggest lamp change at 18-24 months


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39 in stock

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Additional information

Weight 4.65 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 35 × 25 cm


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