Universal B254PUNV-D 120-277V AccuStart 5

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Universal AccuStart 5 B254PUNV-D

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(2) Lamp – F54T5/HO – 120/277 Volt – Programmed Start – 1.0 Ballast Factor

Spec sheet: B254PUNV-D spec

TRIAD Electronic Ballast for 2 F54T5HO Lamps – Operates on 120-277V. The Universal Lighting Technologies electronic T5 Accustart ballast operates 2 or 1-PL50-55W or 2 or 1 F54T5HO lamps. This ballast is 16.88 inches long and runs on 120-277V this ballast is non dimmable.

In order to keep your lighting setup running efficiently and regulated safely, it’s important to use a high-quality ballast. The Universal Lighting Technologies T5 Accustart ballast is an excellent choice for anyone using a T5 lighting system. T5s are commonly used for indoor plant growing operations, but they’re also an efficient, compact choice for commercial and industrial lighting.


This electronic Accustart ballast is made by Universal Lighting Technologies, a reputable brand you can trust.

  • More dependable and long-lasting compared to traditional HID ballasts
  • Rapid programmed start
  • Operates two or one PL50-55W or two or one F54T5HO lamps
  • Runs on 120-277V
  • Dimensions: 16.88” x 1.18” x 1”


Available on backorder

Available on backorder


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