Fulham FH11-UNV-750L-CEC


FH11-UNV-750L-CEC Fulham FireHorse Emergency Ballast

Spec Sheet: FH11-UNV-750L-CEC

FH11-UNV-750L-CEC runs the following lamp combinations:

1X, F54T5HO, F72T8HO, FT50W, FT40W, F84T12HO, F39T5HO, F28T5, F60T12SL, F60T12HO, CFTR42W, 40WCRT9, 2D38W, CFTR32W, F70T8, FT55W, F40T8, F60T8HO, F40T12, F96T12SL, FT36/39W, F58T8, CFQ26W, 22WCRT5, 55WCRT5, F48T12HO, F32T8(30W), F32T8, F32T8(28W), F21T5, F24T5HO, 32WCRT9, 2D28W, F14T5, FT24/27W, F32T8(25W), F25T8 2X, FT24/27W, F40T12, F25T8, CFTR18W, 2D28W, FT18W, F30T12, F17T8, F20T12, Lamps Suitable for use in 15°C TO 55°C (59°F TO 132°F) ambient temperatures: 1X, F96T12HO, F96T12HO, F54T5HO, F35T5; 2X -CFQ13W, CFTR26W, CFTR13W, 2D38W




18 in stock (can be backordered)

18 in stock (can be backordered)

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 9.37 × 2.30 × 1.5 cm


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