Fulham FH7-UNV-500L-CEC

Code: FH7-UNV-500L-CEC

FH7-UNV-500L-CEC Fulham FireHorse Emergency Ballast

Spec sheet: FH7-UNV-500L-CEC spec

FULHAM FireHorse Electronic Emergency Ballast, 500 Lumens, 120V to 277V, Single Lamp 14W to 40W (2’-4’) T5/T8 or 22W-40W T5/T9 Circline, FT18/24/27/36/39/40W PLL Lamps – See Spec Sheet

Replaces Fulham Firehorse FH3-DUAL-450L, FH7-UNV-500L and FH10-DUAL-500L


Available on backorder

Available on backorder


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