Keystone KT-EMRG-LED-12-1200-AC/DF Constant Wattage LED Emergency Driver


Keystone KT-EMRG-LED-12-1200-AC /DF

12 Watt – 120-277 Volt – Dual Flex Conduit – Emergency Back-Up Driver for LED Can Downlights

Spec sheet: KT-EMRG-LED-12-1200-AC_DF

• Optimized for Keystone direct drive LED tubes.
Contact Keystone for details on functioning with other Type B LED tubes
• Illuminates entire LED load at reduced output under emergency mode
• One-piece design with metal housing
• 2-in-1 LED test switch and indicator light included
• Not for use with dimmers
• Evaluated to UL 924 requirements

• 90-minute operation in emergency mode
• UL listed
• Operating temperature: 0ºC/32ºF to 50ºC/122ºF
• Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
• Safety Standard: UL 924, Complies with CEC Title 20
Efficiency Standards
• Dual-flex conduit fits into 1/2” knockouts



19 in stock (can be backordered)

19 in stock (can be backordered)